TIL signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Haier Industrial Finance


Shanghai Together International Logistics Co., ltd (TIL) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Haier Financial Services China Co., Ltd officially on 29th Aug. 2017 at the headquarter of TIL. With both respective advantages in the areas of financial service and vehicles & container logistics, the cooperation is aimed at jointly expanding the domestic and foreign markets to improve their respective market share.

Mr. Zhang, CEO of TIL, said that in the future, TIL should focus on the logistics industry segmentation and its logistics integration capabilities. The multimodal transport would start from Shanghai. It was worthwhile to explore and develop new business mode of integrating vehicles & container, railway transport & land transport, land transport & other transport and so on.  Mr. Zhang also indicated that refinement operation would be the trend of logistics industry in the future. The emerging technique would replace manpower to perform accurate calculation and data statics. Haier Finance would bring a great support for TIL’s strategic development.

Mr. Mai, G.M. of Haier Industrial Finance, gave a great affirmation to TIL. He said that with the rise of China's new middle class and rich class, China's luxury car market developed higher than the overall level of car market in recent years, and this trend would continue to maintain for a long period of time in the future, therefore, luxury cars would also continue to be one of the largest growth segments. TIL aims to provide logistics supply chain operation service for import finished vehicles, spare parts and some other high-end products. It is one of the most excellent and largest enterprises in this filed.

Profession determines whether an enterprise can enter an industry; concentration determines how long the enterprise can go. TIL’s concept is consistent with Haier Industrial Finance’s. As the main body of Haier Financial Holdings focusing on industrial financial service, Haier Industrial Finance aims to build a healthy industrial ecosphere, providing comprehensive finance, technical exchange, management consulting and diversified resource integration service. With the concept of “positive finance, ecological finance and co-finance”, Haier Industrial Finance always adhere to form a community of shared interests with the other parties to build a new way of cooperation—joint innovation of industries and finance with ecological empowerment.




With the background of new national standard GB1589 reform, as well as the development of truck broker, both parties will give full play their respective advantages to expand the market home and abroad. Relying on Shanghai, an important port and economic center, TIL and Haier Industrial Finance will work together to create a win-win situation.   

At the end of meeting, the two parties signed the agreement and posed for a photo.




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